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Linked open EP data of European Patent Office
Linked open EP data of European Patent Office uses Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) to identify patent applications, publications and other resources present in patent data.
SPARQL service
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Sample SPARQL queries for linked open EP data
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This query retrieves publications, with their English titles and abstracts, where theabstract contains the word "tire".

For such queries too, our online form may time out without a LIMIT clause.

Our online query form may time out if you run this kind of query in it. To stop this from
happening, use a LIMIT clause at the end of the SPARQL statement. The one below
limits the number of results to 10.

Because there is only one A1 publication per application, you do not need to specify
a publication date. But you do need to include the "-" character – which represents
the non-relevant publication date – in the URI.

The URIs in linked open EP data start with and not with

The query below retrieves the family members' identifying attributes.

This query retrieves applications and publications you can reach via one or more
links from application EP 10178416.You may replace the URI of this application with
the URI of a publication.
Note that the "^" character inverts the direction of the link.

The query below retrieves both all the patent publications that EP 0009552 A3 cites directly or indirectly and all the non-patent literature that it cites.

This query retrieves publications with one inventor from Italy and one from another country.